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Customizing XBMC/KODI

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Cuvillier, Mar 17, 2016.

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    I don't know about you but I find the RSS feed really annoying and it does consume a little of your bandwidth (for those with slow broadband) so I would recommend disabling it, unless you really need it. I am using Aeon Nox skin at the moment and that doesn't allow disabling but you can change to confluence which allows it then change back to the skin of your choice.
    1 In the Kodi main menu, go to System > Settings.
    2 Select the Appearance tab to configure appereance settings.
    3 In the skin tab, scroll down and disable show RSS news feed.
    4 Now, go back to the main menu by pressing the back key on the remote control or ESC-key on the keyboard.
    My box came from Hong Kong so I had to change my time settings so this is how you do that.
    1 Go to System > Settings > Appearance.
    2 Select the second tab called International. Select Language to change it and then select Region.
    3 Select the suitable region from the list.
    4 Now, your system clock will show the correct time.
    You can have the weather for your location, I tried the met office but found yahoo easier to use.
    1 Go to System > Settings > Weather.
    2 Select “Service for Weather Information”.
    3 Select “Get More…”
    4 Select “Yahoo! Weather” add-on.
    5 Type in your location, all done.
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