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Share my problem and solution with my rapid link!

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by Hiwa, Nov 16, 2016.

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  1. Hiwa

    Hiwa New Member

    Oct 22, 2016
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    android box

    I am new here I want to share my experience using different IPTV player from the GooglePlay store to fix my buffering, freezing and audio problems!! it is all start when my link kind of was dead after communications for support and almost one week trying to get back as before... it was very stressful .

    It is all start when my link kind of was dead after quite communications with support and my reseller, but my reseller was more helpful. he told me to use output=ts as updated list, so I managed to bring back the channels live again but with a lot of problems and unwatchable.

    I tried many different HW setting using the perfect player but I had problems with the audio track options and many channels were not working. Even my android box is kind of good one with 64bit process and 2gig ddr3 ram so, I tried other Players besides perfect player like IPTV player.

    However I saw Xtreme IPTV player but use MXplayer as payback, so it was kind of interesting to see it looks like the perfect player even better in the setting options without trying the EPG. I found even you can add your favourite list if you wanted with many other options for video and audio output.
    i couldn't save the audio track option for the FHD Germany and Spanish channels on English option after the change it will back to original one and I need to change it again, I tried some audio output setting but it was useless... hope someone can help me in this audio issue.

    Now i am happy with the new playlist as most the OSN channels are better , also the Xtreme IPTV with Mx player is very smooth playing most the FHD channels as i just watch english , swedish , kurdish and arabic HD channels.

    Hope you will find above good informations if you have simillar problem, good work rapied tv guys with my reseller.

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