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Start automatically Kodi on Windows 10/8/7

Discussion in 'Tutorials & Installation Guides' started by Cuvillier, Mar 6, 2016.

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    I know there are already a lot of tutorial for this kind of subject, but they are either incomplete or miss.
    This method applies to all recent windows and not only Windows 10 (also 7 and 8)
    Concretely there are several way. I will briefly talk about each here, but my topic is for a single method which includes all benefits and no downside.
    This method is detailed in the section Method 3
    Before Start Kodi on his HTPC automatically for each method if below, it is recommended to set Windows to automatically start without having to enter session password.
    Must therefore:
    - In search or execution type netplwiz
    - Uncheck Users must enter a user name and password ....
    - You will be asked to enter your login password to confirm.
    Also do not forget to uncheck the box: request a password from sleep in the power settings.

    Method 1:
    We start windows normally, and it tells windows then start Kodi.
    Its advantage and that this solution is easy to implement.
    Its disadvantage and that it still supports the Windows shell (explorer.exe and all its children) who you need!
    Therefore reduced system resource. It does not and can control the focus on Kodi if you run several application windows startup, so you can end up with Kodi start, then the other application that comes over Kodi.
    To set up, simply place a shortened application in the Startup folder windows.
    It is located here: C: \ Users \ <username> \ AppData \ Roaming \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Start Menu \ Programs \ Startup
    If you can not find it, click execute (execute boot, or then right click on the taskbar execute) and type shell: startup
    Put there your Kodi.exe shortened and shortened your other application to launch when starting Windows.

    Method 2:
    The hybrid method ... A little bourine and not very clean. It is to start the windows shell (therefore normally), then kill the shell windows, and then launch kodi. Basically, it starts the shell windows, then kill him. Not very clean. Also, if you leave Kodi, no shell windows! So you will have to press Ctrl + Alt + SUP> Task Manager> File> execute a new task> explorer.exe
    However, it has an advantage over the first method because it reduces unnecessary resources. And it can manage the applications focus a little better (but not completely).
    For this method there are several way to do (in terms of programming) but the easiest thing to batch.
    So we created a file on windows that are demarrage.bat call (whether to allow the appearance of the file extension in your folder options)
    One right-click the file and then edit demarrage.bat.
    Was added thereto:
    TASKKILL / IM explorer.exe / F / T
    CD "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Kodi \"
    START HIGH Kodi.exe
    You must then place this demarrage.bat batch file in the Windows Startup folder as described in Method 1.
    If you want to add other software startup repeat like this (with a program called test found in C: \ Program Files (x86))
    TASKKILL / IM explorer.exe / F / T
    CD "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Jdownloader \"
    START Jdownloader.exe
    CD "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Kodi \"
    START HIGH Kodi.exe
    Timeout allows to wait to execute the next line. So here Kodi will be launched five seconds later Jdownloader.
    The parameter in the High Kodi start of command starts Kodi high priority processor (it's a little something that is optional).

    Method 3:
    This is the one I use. Easy to use and parameterization, total focus management, direct-on-Kodi shell and return to the shell windows to the extinction of Kodi. As benefits.
    It allows me to launch Kodi without the shell windows at startup, and run my applications in the background seamlessly (as Jdownloader, I control via an android application or via another PC).
    For this, you need to install a small software Luncher4Kodi
    For the latest version, go rather on Github
    Unzip the archive on the desktop, and run Luncher4Kodi.exe
    Install and adjust your settings according to what you want. It is in English, but a Spanish cow happen even understand!
    I advise you:
    - Tick Start Kodi When windows start (it's a bit what you want at the same time ..)
    - Check windows Start Kodi When resum from sleep / suspend
    - Uncheck Kodi start in notebook mode
    - To set the time to 0
    - Focus tab settings, leave all unchecked for the focus on Kodi is done all the time.
    - In exit settings, check Kodi close on System Suspend and explore Windows Start When Kodi is closed
    - You can add another startup application in App External Group 1, 2, 3 ==> Select the Start with Luncher4Kodi box and uncheck the checkbox Prevent Kodi focus (if not focus on Kodi cancels start of your secondary applications )
    - In the Shell tab, choose Luncher4Kodi
    You can also add an automatic start if you use an external drive with Kodi
    Small Bonus: If you want to go for example on the internet while you are in Kodi. Close Kodi, explorer.exe will start. You have completed your research on the net and you want to return to Kodi. Rather than clicking on a shortened, make WIN + ALT + ENTER and Kodi starts after killing the shell with windows.
    Added bonus: To make things even more beautiful is usefull to the image of a OpenELEC, you can change your desktop wallpaper and as the wallpaper for the lock screen. It is in Settings> Personalization> BACKGROUND OR Lock Screen.

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